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  • Those words gave me hope


    “Before I knew Jesus, my life was in a mess…”

  • No one else


    “I have been tuning in to the Gospel of John with a Radio Home Group for four months. I cherish finding out about Jesus.”

  • Words of thanksgiving


    “Thank God for His grace, and thank you for your radio program! Thank you for your teaching, pastoral care and prayers.”

  • Only inside my room


    “I started believing in Jesus but I knew so little about God and there was no one around me to guide me in the faith…”

  • God healed me


    ” I became sick and weak, and was unable to work. During that depressing period, God spoke to me through your program…”

  • A unique peace


    “I have received a new ray of hope in my life because of the grace of the Lord.”

  • A complete change


    “I was completely lost and hopeless. All my friends and family started hating me and no-one would help me in my miserable condition.”

  • Voices from Vietnam

    ‘”Thank God for His love so great that Jesus died for my sin on the cross!”

  • From a murderer and hooligan to a servant of Christ!


    “I was a complete hooligan. My only dream was to become famous for my evil antics and to be feared by everyone.”

  • Saved to serve others

    SW broadcasts from Guam

    “I felt that radio might be the best way to reach every person in this country…”

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