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  • “Please pray for me”


    “I love my mother so much, but as for how to show it, in ways she can feel and understand… I don’t know how.”

  • Fighting addiction


    “I used to be addicted to drugs. I sought help in order to overcome it, but I was still full of fear and worries…”

  • What Do You Believe?

    PHILIPPINES — “It is bad luck to comb one’s hair after dark.” Carmel used to live in fear because of her superstitious beliefs. Do you believe in superstitions?

  • Beyond Our Imagination

    PHILIPPINES — “Dear Lord, thank you for the ministry you have entrusted to us.
    We are grateful for the opportunity to bring the message of your gospel to the children…

  • More Than Words

    PHILIPPINES — One of the listeners who has been constantly communicating with our team in the Philippines is a young man who initially kept his identity a secret. The TWR-Philippines team shared this story with us…

  • He is our Hope

    PHILIPPINES — The TWR-Philippines women?s ministry team recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit some listeners of the Women of Hope (Tagalog) program, Ilaw ng Pag-asa, at Palawan in the Philippines. argumentative essay writing During the visit, the ministry team met Phyllis who is a listener of Absolutely 24/7 and Mumunting Kutitap (Little Lights). Her […]

  • Thuy | A Fisher of Men

    VIETNAM — This month, we speak to Thuy, the ministry leader of TWR-Vietnam. We managed to gain some insights into how Christianity first came to Vietnam, and how God led him from catching fish as a young boy, to become a fisher of men…

  • God is their Refuge and Strength

    PHILIPPINES — “Hi, I would like to send my step-father to jail. He is hurting us physically. I hope you could help us,” cried Angel in great distress in an SMS from Ilang-Ilang…

  • Philippines | God is at Work Through Our Ministry!

    TWR-Philippines Women of Hope (Tagalog) producer – Jennifer Hallig – recently had the chance to minister to the patients at Benguet General Hospital with the TWR-Philippines Project Hannah team. God turned a routine trip to visit a friend, into an opportunity for them to share God’s love and hope with the other patients in the hospital…

  • Philippines | Absolutely 24/7

    Young people in the Philippines are interested in spiritual matters, but often lack someone who can offer a listening ear and good guidance. When confronted with peer pressure, many give in to temptation and experiment with drugs and their sexuality…