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  • Philippines | Betrayed by My Father

    Jessie is a victim of incest. She shared her story of betrayal, pain, and brokenness with the TWR-Philippines Women of Hope team after listening to the program. The TWR-Philippines Women of Hope team counseled Jessie via phone and text messages, and advised her to seek legal help. The following are excerpts from the text messages.

  • Philippines | Leave Your Life of Sin

    ‘E’ is an avid listener of our youth program, Absolutely 24/7. She is a college student in the third year of her studies. Last month, she contacted us over an issue she was facing. She shared that she had a boyfriend, and that they were having a hard time controlling their sexual urges…

  • Philippines | From Rags to Spiritual Riches

    “I am ‘G’, and I once had a family and three children. My marriage failed and everything fell apart. In my despair, I departed from my hometown and moved to the city. There, I wandered aimlessly, lost and hopeless.

  • Philippines | Overcoming the Storm

    Pastor ‘S’ and his wife stood at one end of a road in Bicol. As they looked around them, they could see the extent of the damage left behind by the typhoons. Buildings and homes were still in shambles, and people were still trying to rebuild their lives against seemingly insurmountable odds…

  • Rebuilding Lives in the Philippines

    ‘A’ is twenty-four years old, single, and is a teacher in a school. She contacted the Philippines Women of Hope team with a problem that is increasingly common among young people today…

  • Recollections of a Road Trip

    Being in the production team of TWR-Philippines’ youth and children’s programs, I sometimes feel as if I am one of the busiest persons in the world. I seat myself down in front of the computer for the whole day, writing scripts, recording, editing, mixing, and finalizing programs.

  • “Defending” Filipino Children from Disaster

    “Kapitan Tanggol is really great. He has so many things to share. He is really good!”

    Who is Kapitan Tanggol?

  • Absolutely 24/7 | Reaching Out to Children and Youth in the Philippines

    Young people in the Philippines are deeply interested in spiritual things, but they often lack the opportunity to find a sympathetic friend who will listen to their questions and provide caring guidance…