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  • From a murderer and hooligan to a servant of Christ!


    “I was a complete hooligan. My only dream was to become famous for my evil antics and to be feared by everyone.”

  • My heart is heavily burdened


    “I continue to be a Christian against all odds. Your radio programs have kept me company.”

  • India | From Listening to Preaching

    The Lord’s faithfulness can be witnessed in TWR-India through its use of multiple media strategies and in the field initiatives. TWR-India has continued their unceasing efforts to assist the churches and has been able to break new ground in the form of ministry opportunities to more churches. The responses from the church leaders have been encouraging!

  • India | Reaching the Indian Diaspora

    “Thank you for the programs which are very helpful for my spiritual life. I was feeling lonely and dry when I learnt about the Telugu messages on the internet and have been listening to them regularly…"