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The Word Today

  • Always with me


    “The more I listen to [the programme], the more I find good ways to respond to the problems I am facing.”

  • True Repentance


    “My wealthy and satisfied lifestyle led me to many vices. I was recklessly extravagant. I slept with many women even when I was married, and I gambled a lot.”

  • He chose me


    Sari thought her life was great, and that she had no need for God… until the day things went very wrong for her.

  • A complete change


    “I was completely lost and hopeless. All my friends and family started hating me and no-one would help me in my miserable condition.”

  • Voices from Vietnam

    ‘”Thank God for His love so great that Jesus died for my sin on the cross!”

  • Learning from Hannah


    Mia harbored jealousy, disappointment and pain in her heart from being childless for 15 years…

  • Walking In The Light

    For generations, Seetha and his family had believed in many gods. His family used to make sacrifices and follow rituals…

  • His Life Was Incomplete

    NEPAL — Sudhama’s life felt incomplete until he discovered God’s love…

  • Walking In The Light

    INDIA — “We wanted to know more about the truth of Jesus Christ and the salvation that is offered through Him…”

  • He Has Changed My Life

    INDIA — "I was frustrated… I had so many questions, but I could not find any answers…" Read on and see how this man found the answers he was seeking.