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Thru The Bible

  • God healed me


    ” I became sick and weak, and was unable to work. During that depressing period, God spoke to me through your program…”

  • A unique peace


    “I have received a new ray of hope in my life because of the grace of the Lord.”

  • Voices from Vietnam

    ‘”Thank God for His love so great that Jesus died for my sin on the cross!”

  • From a murderer and hooligan to a servant of Christ!


    “I was a complete hooligan. My only dream was to become famous for my evil antics and to be feared by everyone.”

  • Saved to serve others

    SW broadcasts from Guam

    “I felt that radio might be the best way to reach every person in this country…”

  • Never too old for a change


    Rayna is a listener of the Thru the Bible broadcasts in the Nepali language. A widow who lost her husband many years ago, she lives with her grown-up daughters in a village where Christianity is frowned upon…

  • My heart is heavily burdened


    “I continue to be a Christian against all odds. Your radio programs have kept me company.”

  • A Long Journey Home


    INDIA — Indira came from a non-Christian background. Her family was wealthy, and their family business did very well for a long period of time… At one point, business changed for the worse. They started experiencing losses, and didn’t know what to do.

  • Showing the way to salvation


    “My heart was filled with joy… When I came to know this truth, I shared it with my wife and she also started listening and learning about Jesus Christ.”

  • Helping plant churches


    Stories from the field — like this one from a listener turned church-planter in Vietnam — never fail to encourage us…

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