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TWR Asia

  • TWR-Hong Kong | Reaching China with God’s Word Since 1977

    TWR-Hong Kong held a thanksgiving dinner on June 17 to share their vision and celebrate their partnerships with local church pastors, ministry partners, lay leaders and volunteers (and to celebrate the 33rd anniversary). Many old friends, and new ones as well, gathered to give thanks to the Lord for TWR-HK’s ministry…

  • TWR-Asia Pens New Contract with SLBC

    14 months, seven meetings, and many hours of hard work later, the new contract between TWR and SLBC (Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation) was officially signed on 12 January 2010 at SLBC’s headquarters in Colombo…

  • TWR Reaches Milestone with Radio Church Kits in China

    Aiming to provide spiritual resources to house church leaders in China, international Christian media ministry TWR has distributed more than 101,500 Radio Church Kits to various on-the-ground networks and provinces…

  • Mary Chong | Serving with a Smile

    Mary volunteers at the TWR-Asia office twice a week, and helps with administrative matters. Find out more about Mary, and her service in TWR…

  • TWR-Asia is Now on Facebook and Twitter!

    If you have been waiting for us to be on Facebook or Twitter, wait no more, because TWR-Asia is now on BOTH Facebook and Twitter!

  • TWR-Asia Embarks on Servant Leadership Training

    Many individuals and organizations have adopted servant leadership as a guiding philosophy. For individuals it offers a means to greater personal growth – spiritually, professionally, emotionally, and intellectually. Read about how TWR-Asia encourages everyone to actively seek opportunities to both serve and lead others, thereby setting up the potential for raising the quality of life throughout society…