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  • Rescued from a Living Hell

    TWR Country Focus: Venezuela

    Luisa is one of those listeners who stumbled upon TWR programming when she was searching the dial and came across music that caught her attention.

  • Going Online for Bible-Study Time

    “I write from Venezuela to thank you for the work you all carry out so that we can listen online to the program Thru the Bible.”

  • Train Up Children in the Way They Should Go

    A Venezuelan woman named Maria sent an email to tell how she became a second-generation rider on the Bible bus – the plot device J. Vernon McGee used in presenting his Thru the Bible series.

  • Real as the Air I Breathe

    I always listened to the radio, and one day as I was searching the dial, I tuned in to a song that I liked and realized that it was Christian. I continued listening to the station and began to listen to the messages.