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  • Voices from Vietnam

    ‘”Thank God for His love so great that Jesus died for my sin on the cross!”

  • A letter of encouragement


    “I am very thankful for the radio you sent. It is the means by which to listen to God’s Word…”

  • Helping plant churches


    Stories from the field — like this one from a listener turned church-planter in Vietnam — never fail to encourage us…

  • Radio bridges the gap


    “Although we have a congregation that meets regularly, we also encounter some difficulties…”

  • Distributing media content and rice


    The Vietnam team distributes media content as well as rice to their countrymen living in remote areas.

  • A People Not Forgotten

    Tucked away in the south-central coast of Vietnam is a small and solitary village where the Cham people live. Find out how God ministers to them through TWR.

  • Relying on Jesus

    Things looked hopeless for this TWR listener in Vietnam, so he clung to his Savior.

  • Restored Through Love and Peace

    VIETNAM — Mary’s world came crashing down, but she never expected that her life was about to be transformed overnight through a radio program…

  • Bad Habits, Defeated.

    VIETNAM — “…my wife and kids are happy knowing that their husband and father is no longer drunk and irresponsible.”

  • Building Believers

    VIETNAM – In parts of Vietnam, believers do not have access to Bibles or Bible study materials. How do they get spiritual nourishment?

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