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  • Getting through to him


    One of Sav’s deepest wishes was for her husband would come to accept Jesus Christ too. The challenge was that he had never cared about God or religion, and she did not know how to get through to him.

  • Encouraging the weary


    Liza has been a long-suffering Christian. Disabled from a young age, she loved reading the Bible and took part in Church activities as much as she could…

  • Kids Demand Bible Reading

    TWR Country Focus: USA

    “The children refused to sleep unless the Bible was read to them.”

  • Learning to Love

    TWR Regional Focus: Cambodia

    “I need to help others who are in need, to forgive as God forgave me, be kind and love others as myself.”

  • Precious in His Sight

    “Now I am waiting for her release (from prison) so that my mother and I can go to church together…”

  • Radio Ministry Receives Good News in Return

    She made many wrong choices… but God never fails. An inspiring story of how the love of God reaches those who desperately need His touch.

  • Behind Bars But Free Through Forgiveness

    One woman’s story of how she forgave the one who put her behind bars…

  • Bitterness Turned Into Forgiveness

    SOUTH AFRICA — Death of her husband brought bitterness and hatred into Xolani’s heart, then the Lord stepped in…

  • I Have Faith

    ANGOLA — God answers a wife’s prayer and husband leaves his seven lovers.

  • Restored Through Love and Peace

    VIETNAM — Mary’s world came crashing down, but she never expected that her life was about to be transformed overnight through a radio program…

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