USA — A woman wrote to tell us that she listened to our programming every day on a Spanish-language Christian station in Austin, Texas. She asked for the notes and outlines [mentioned on the broadcasts] so she could continue feeding on the Word of God. “In God I have found the reason for living,” she said.

Man is nothing without God. We need to understand that we are sustained by grace. I have found the greatest and most precious treasure, the Lord Jesus, the one who loved me first. It is so beautiful to know what he has begun in me. The only thing I ask him is that he frees me from sin and from doing evil in his eyes.
I want to share with you a little about my life. My whole family is Catholic. They live in Mexico. I come from a poor family. My dad died leaving my mom pregnant with me and with six small children to care for. I always thought it should have been me that died and not my dad. He was the one, not me, that the family needed. I was just like another animal to feed.

When I was 8 years old, my brother raped me. He was very mean to us. He would hit us. It even got to the point where he would hit my mother. I tried to commit suicide on many occasions.

I never really understood what had happened to me. I remained silent for 10 years, but I began realizing the evil I had gone through. During those 10 years, I suffered in silence. God came to change the story of my life.

For this reason I am sharing my experiences with you who have gone through the same situation. You need to know that God heals every broken heart. He comes to give you a name. Now I know that I am his daughter, that he loves me and that he has always loved me. He was always there with me, and he is with every heart that suffers.

He wants to dry your tears, take you in his arms and tell you that he loves you and has been with you in the saddest times of your life. All you have to do is open your heart and accept him. He has a beautiful life waiting for you. He is waiting for you with open arms. What will you do?

Thank you, and may God greatly bless you all.