The last time Benjamin Lykins was in Singapore, he was a young boy. So it was no surprise he had much to tell us when he returned to Singapore this summer as an IT intern – this time without his family.

Below he shares about his experience serving the Lord in Asia.

1.Tell us about yourself, and how you came to know about TWR.

I am a Junior at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. I knew about TWR from my father, who works with TWR in the United States.

2. How long was your internship?

My internship was for about 9 weeks. 8 of them were spent working overseas, and the other was split between orientation and debriefing in the States.

3.Tell us about your overall experience regarding your internship at TWR Asia.

I had an awesome experience! Everyone was very welcoming and I enjoyed the daily office devotions, prayer, and worship. Spending time with everybody from TWR outside of work was also a blast.

4. What was your main role/task? What were some other tasks you did? What were some things you learnt?

My main role was programming a web-based application that would generate statistics from listener data from TWR’s website in China. This data included things like how many people were listening to a certain show or how many times an episode had been downloaded.

In addition, I worked with an awesome team on a project to integrate a tool called SharePoint into the TWR office in Singapore. SharePoint allows companies to create sites that can be shared with employees that will let them share documents, have synchronized calendars, and be a general hub for discussion and collaboration. I helped by adding content to TWR’s SharePoint site and training other employees to use SharePoint.
I learned how to work as a part of a team where each person had individual tasks that contributed to an overall goal. Additionally I learned a lot of web and server based programming that was required to write the statistics generator software.

5. You lived in Singapore previously; share a bit about that. How has it changed since you remember it? Any interesting experiences you want to share?

I lived in Singapore with my family for two years between 2006-2008 while my dad worked with TWR Singapore. It was very different coming to Singapore on my own and being responsible for a lot more than I was last time I was here. I enjoyed living somewhere that I could often find places to eat or shop within walking distance. Everything was also very safe and clean compared to many big cities in other countries.

6. What will you remember most about your time in Singapore?

I will never forget the people I had the opportunity to work and hang out with. I felt at home because of the welcoming nature of the people from the TWR office. They were always inviting me to go places and talking to me whenever they had the chance. During my time there I was invited to more churches that I could visit during my trip!

7. Anything else you would mention or like to share?

It is hard to believe that my internship is over. Although I am excited to return to my friends and family I will always fondly remember my time interning in Singapore. I hope that the work I did has a lasting positive impact on TWR’s missions and that I will be able to learn from all the awesome experience I had while living overseas.


Photos courtesy of Benjamin Lykins and Eddie Lim.