TWR Korea is celebrating 20 years of ministering to North Korea.

The ministry broadcasts more than 400 hours a year from KTWR, a shortwave transmitting station on Guam.

In 1995, it started by offering programs to train church leaders. That continues to be one of its main objectives as well as helping believers with their daily life through Bible reading. The ministry also offers programs for children and women.

The Korean Project Hannah is the first Women of Hope program broadcast in Asia in 1998. Women of Hope was created by TWR to offer practical and spiritual support for women around the world.

The programs are broadcast over shortwave because it is the most powerful and effective way of sending messages of hope to the people of North Korea. Shortwave frequencies travel long distances, crossing geographical and ideological barriers.

The team is encouraged when it hears from listeners because it is rare.

Some responses TWR has received include churches in North Korea shortening services and prayer time because of persecution. During certain periods of time, the church members refrain from listening to the radio for fear of getting caught.

Some listeners also write to say their radios aren’t working properly.

“Praise the Lord who gives us strength to live like three hundred soldiers of Gideon in this world,” one listener wrote.

TWR praises God for the opportunity to minister to the North Korean people. Please continue to pray for believers in this country and TWR’s ministry there.