INDONESIA — TWR broadcast a series of programmes presenting the audio version of the JESUS Film, in a variety of Indonesian languages. Here are some of the responses we have received from listeners:

Nico* from Bali writes, “This story about Jesus, delivered in Balinese, has greatly blessed us. We can easily understand the story and can understand who Jesus is. And we can share this story to our friends who have never heard about Jesus before. Thank you for this programme.”

Adam* from West Java writes, “This programme tells a story about Jesus who is our Savior, and He taught us about kindness, love, patience, and many other things. As a follower of Jesus, we experience many trials… I, too, am being tested by people who don’t share my faith, but I try to be patient and surrender only to Jesus.”

Cecily* from North Sumatra writes, “Shalom. I like to listen to this programme in the Batak language. I wish it was aired more than once a week… I would love to listen to the story about Jesus every day. I’m glad because this broadcast can help share Jesus with people who don’t know about him. Thank you and God bless you.”

Praise God for touching these listeners through the JESUS Film audio programme!

*not their real names