CHINA — Here is an excerpt of a message we received from a listener of the Mandarin Thru the Bible programs.

“Dear friends at Thru the Bible and TWR, shalom!

“Thank God for His grace, and thank you for your radio program! Thank you for your teaching, pastoral care and prayers.

“I thank God for the many spiritual lessons He has taught me… I remember having a lot of dreams about going to class, studying and the teachers assigning homework. In my dreams I was taking examinations and getting stuck, which made me feel very anxious. I woke up and found that it was a dream, and so didn’t give it much thought — I just felt a bit anxious without knowing why…

“Now, I realize that God wants me to learn a spiritual lesson. He wants me to learn to be like Jesus. “I am thankful that our God is a merciful God. He is a God full of compassion and grace!

“I wait for God’s timing and His guidance and the change he is working in me. Thank you all!”