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FM radio

  • I found joy and peace


    “I give thanks to him who gives me a new life.”

  • Newfound strength


    “Someone shared the gospel with me some time ago, but I was not interested until I heard it on the Thru the Bible radio programme… the message touched my heart.”

  • Always with me


    “The more I listen to [the programme], the more I find good ways to respond to the problems I am facing.”

  • What a privilege


    I enjoy listening to the programme and feel inspired to draw close to Jesus.

  • Making the gospel easy to understand


    “This story about Jesus has greatly blessed us. We can easily understand the story…”

  • God gives me wisdom


    “I tried to read the Bible that my sister sent me but… there were many things I could not understand.” 

  • Only by grace


    Prak and his wife serve the children in their village as Sunday school teachers at their local church. Read on to learn more about their testimony.

  • Getting through to him


    One of Sav’s deepest wishes was for her husband would come to accept Jesus Christ too. The challenge was that he had never cared about God or religion, and she did not know how to get through to him.

  • He chose me


    Sari thought her life was great, and that she had no need for God… until the day things went very wrong for her.

  • I hope to help others


    “I noticed that I changed after listening to the word of God through your programs. I have also gained much more knowledge about the Lord…”