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  • Newfound strength


    “Someone shared the gospel with me some time ago, but I was not interested until I heard it on the Thru the Bible radio programme… the message touched my heart.”

  • What a privilege


    I enjoy listening to the programme and feel inspired to draw close to Jesus.

  • He chose me


    Sari thought her life was great, and that she had no need for God… until the day things went very wrong for her.

  • Never too old for a change


    Rayna is a listener of the Thru the Bible broadcasts in the Nepali language. A widow who lost her husband many years ago, she lives with her grown-up daughters in a village where Christianity is frowned upon…

  • Finding the Truth


    NEPAL — Akash* was no stranger to religion. In fact, he said he had read many religious books, but claimed have found no truth in any of them. So when a friend gave him a Bible many years ago, he ignored it.

  • Choosing Jesus


    “When I first heard the gospel, I thought, ‘There is no way I can ever share this information with my family. They will disown me!’ “

  • Quake’s Toll Still Rocks Nepal

    The desolation of the 25 April earthquake continues to dominate daily life for TWR Nepal staff and listeners.

  • TWR India reaches the masses through mobile ministry

    TWR India is providing biblically-based messages of hope and encouragement to mobile phone users.

  • Precious in His Sight

    “Now I am waiting for her release (from prison) so that my mother and I can go to church together…”

  • His Life Was Incomplete

    NEPAL — Sudhama’s life felt incomplete until he discovered God’s love…

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